Retaining Resource Pools using Webclient

So a few days ago I posted up an article about what happens if you disable DRS in a vCD environment…..

Well I stumbled across this article in VMware’s knowledgebase:

“Great”…… I thought….. “I can use the snapshot functionality within Webclient to capture the resource pools!”……the only problem is, upon deeper digging I stumbled across a blog entry by Frank Denneman:

Turns out that VMware knowledgebase article is great for standard vSphere environments, but it won’t work with vCloud environments….. >_<”
And this is all down to the old MoRef IDs I mentioned in my previous article about using SRM to protect your vCloud!

Unfortunately it seems that the ‘RP snapshot’ feature just captures the old tree structure of your resource pools and rebuilds a new tree structure, it doesn’t capture the old MoRef IDs which are so important as they are used to correlate objects between vCD and the underlying vSphere/vCenter layer… change the MoRef IDs and vCD won’t recognise the object as it won’t exist in the vCD DB.

Man…. VMware really need to sort out this MoRef issue! ;oP

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