Nutanix to gobble PernixData?!?

Hmm, interesting rumours……

Anthony Spiteri sums up my thoughts about PernixData quite well in his blog:

Based on past experience with FVP and Architect and running both in a demo lab, I’ve always thought they’re pretty clever products…. FVP especially with the way it handles fault tolerance with their clever clustering functionality for the cache!

Anyways, it was always a hard sell…. trying to solve storage problems (which may not exist) with a software caching solution which – let’s be quite frank – was expensive!

Plus with the discounts you can now get for All Flash Arrays, and the price of SSDs dropping, it was always going to be hard to convince a customer to part with money to put in FVP and some local SSDs rather than purchasing a brand new storage array full of Flash!
Be interesting to see what Nutanix does with them!

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