Installing vShield Endpoint (vCNS Mgr 5.5.4-3)

Very quick blog entry as I'm busy tying up loose ends before jetting off on my summer hols.... It's pretty easy to install vShield Endpoint as it's a wizard-based OVA deployment. I'm not going to step through the process as it's very simple (plus the install guide explains it very well). Once that's done log … Continue reading Installing vShield Endpoint (vCNS Mgr 5.5.4-3)

Nutanix to gobble PernixData?!?

Hmm, interesting rumours...... Anthony Spiteri sums up my thoughts about PernixData quite well in his blog: Based on past experience with FVP and Architect and running both in a demo lab, I've always thought they're pretty clever products.... FVP especially with the way it handles fault tolerance with their clever clustering functionality … Continue reading Nutanix to gobble PernixData?!?

Top vBlog 2016 Full Results – #161 The Virtual Unknown

So the votes have been cast and the results are in for Eric Sieberts ( annual Top vBlog award, sponsored by VMTurbo.... There were over 1600 votes cast this year, and BIG Congratulations once again to Duncan Epping ( who has finished top for the 8th consecutive year!! That's quite a feat considering Duncan has only been blogging for around … Continue reading Top vBlog 2016 Full Results – #161 The Virtual Unknown