Retaining Resource Pools using Webclient

So a few days ago I posted up an article about what happens if you disable DRS in a vCD environment..... Well I stumbled across this article in VMware's knowledgebase: "Great"...... I thought..... "I can use the snapshot functionality within Webclient to capture the resource pools!"......the only problem is, upon deeper digging I stumbled … Continue reading Retaining Resource Pools using Webclient

Exciting times ahead for VMware and SDDC?

Software Defined Data Center......Virtualising Compute, Network and Storage....... (among other things)VMware already did the compute side of things....... Buying Nicira gave them the network side of things....... Buying Virsto gave them the storage side of things.....Looks like 2013 maybe a good year for VMware with lots of new shiny things coming out the pipeline....... ..... which … Continue reading Exciting times ahead for VMware and SDDC?

DO NOT disable DRS within a vCloud environment!!

I remember watching this video when going through my vCloud Director training, and stumbled across it again a few days ago... thought I'd share it with you all! Basically by disabling DRS on your vCloud resource cluster you remove all resource pools in vCenter (unfortunate side effect of DRS). Now vCloud Director relies heavily on … Continue reading DO NOT disable DRS within a vCloud environment!!

Distrusting the Cloud (article from The Reg) So a very interesting article on the Reg...... and in a way I have to agree with some of the points the author raises: The reality is, Cloud is here to stay! It's been a buzzword for the past year or so but has only just started to get real traction in the industry … Continue reading Distrusting the Cloud (article from The Reg)

SRM & datastore names

By default, when doing a failover with SRM the VMFS Datastores will be labeled with a “snap-xxxxxxx-name” because they will have been re-signatured during the failover process.This can cause issues for applications that may utilise the datastore name (for example some backup applications).To stop the renaming of the datastores edit the Advanced Settings of each … Continue reading SRM & datastore names

Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)

So one of the BIG problems at the moment is that SRM does not fully support protecting your vCloud environment. It supports protecting your management cluster (so the vCenter servers, vCD cells, vCNS manager, vCM, DBs, etc), but it doesn't yet protect your resource cluster..... so all those VMs you've deployed in your organisations … Continue reading Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)