Changes to VMware NSX Licensing

So yesterday VMware announced a new licensing model for NSX - VMware's Software-Defined Network product. Up until now, VMware have only had a single version of NSX available to buy - which customers were not too fond off - it was an 'all-or-nothing' approach to SDN which customers found too restricting. I'm glad to see that VMware … Continue reading Changes to VMware NSX Licensing

Improvements to vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

When DRaaS was launched by VMware the backend of last year, everyone was pretty excited about the ability to 'get rid' off their secondary/DR site and offload it all into the cloud - A subscription based DR solution which would allow customers to decrease their Capex and offset it with an Opex model. It kind of boils down to the … Continue reading Improvements to vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

vCloud Air Tutorials

Want to know more about the VMware vCloud Air services? Well pop along to the tutorial page in the vCloud portal! =) Excellent material for how to use the vCloud Air services, how to setup and deploy VMs if you purchase a Dedicated or Virtual Private Cloud..... and most importantly how the vCloud Air … Continue reading vCloud Air Tutorials

vCenter Site Recovery Manager – Shared Recovery Site

So a lot of customers use Site Recovery Manager as the tool to automate their Disaster Recovery Policy, usually it's deployed on an one-to-one relationship - i.e. a single protected site and a single recovery site where the SRM/vCenter server on the protected site is paired to a SRM/vCenter server on the recovery site. Not … Continue reading vCenter Site Recovery Manager – Shared Recovery Site

Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)

So one of the BIG problems at the moment is that SRM does not fully support protecting your vCloud environment. It supports protecting your management cluster (so the vCenter servers, vCD cells, vCNS manager, vCM, DBs, etc), but it doesn't yet protect your resource cluster..... so all those VMs you've deployed in your organisations … Continue reading Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)