VMworld 2019 Europe

So it’s been 3 month since I last posted an entry on my blog, and as I previously mentioned it’s been such a busy period in my life, both professionally and personally! I’ve been at CloudHealth for 6 months now, and those months have flown by so quickly.... plus my youngest daughter has just turned … Continue reading VMworld 2019 Europe

VMworld 2019 US – Day 1 General Session Round Up

So I guess there's no better time to dust off my keyboard and get back to blogging than talking about VMworld and what was announced during the Day 1 General Session! This year it's a bit funny as I'm no longer blogging as an outsider as I now work for VMware.... so without breaking any … Continue reading VMworld 2019 US – Day 1 General Session Round Up

VMworld 2018 US – Day 1 General Session Round Up

So the great thing about VMworld US is that they live stream the General Session for the rest of us who can't make it over to Vegas... whilst you can't get the whole VMworld US experience just by watching the GS live stream, at least you get to hear the same news as those in … Continue reading VMworld 2018 US – Day 1 General Session Round Up

VMworld 2017 Europe Wrap Up….

So this blog post has been a bit late coming, mainly due to me coming back from Barcelona with a heavy chest infection and cold... and when you're sick, you tend to procrastinate alot... =) Looks like all the excessive late nights, early morning starts, long days, freezing cold breakout rooms (was anyone else cold??) … Continue reading VMworld 2017 Europe Wrap Up….

VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 1

If like me, you're stuck in a sweltering London enjoying the bank holiday and watching the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, you may have forgotten that over in Vegas the city is just getting over the big fight of Mayweather vs McGregor and is now inundated with people looking to attend VMworld 2017 US. … Continue reading VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 1

VMworld Europe 2017 – Date Change, same venue!

So it seems that VMworld Europe 2017 will again be held in Barcelona, but with a date much closer to VMworld US! I always wondered why VMworld Europe was held nearly a month or more after the US counterpart! Anyways, dates for your diary - 11th-14th September 2017, Barcelona Fira Grand Via. (Thanks to Duncan … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2017 – Date Change, same venue!

VMworld Europe 2016 – Looking back

So I’ve finally recovered from VMworld…. A week long of learning, networking and zero sleep! =P Let’s recap what I learnt at VMworld, first the moans: Lunch sucked! I was pretty disappointed with the lack of lunch available to attendees - or at least to those attendees who were at VMworld to attend Breakout Sessions, … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2016 – Looking back

Trend Micro VIP Party – sponsored by MTI Technology

Oh, I forgot to mention that my company - MTI Technology - are sponsoring the Trend Micro Party @ VMworld 2016 Europe on Tuesday 18th October. Feel free to register and come along.... =) Join us at VMworld 2016 for the MTI Trend Micro VIP party, a great networking opportunity, in the heart of Barcelona. Kicking … Continue reading Trend Micro VIP Party – sponsored by MTI Technology

VMworld 2016 Europe – Sessions

After the past 3 years of attending VMworld in Barcelona and packing my schedule full of sessions causing me to run between sessions and grab lunch on the go, I swore to myself that this year I would be more selective with my sessions so that I'm not rushing around like a headless chicken..... .... Unfortunately … Continue reading VMworld 2016 Europe – Sessions