vSphere-Land Top vBlog 2018

Once again vSphere-Land are running their Top vBlogs for 2018….


This is where the general public can vote for their favourite vBlog of 2018!

I’m again listed, so if you feel that what I write isn’t a pile of crud and you fine some of the stuff interesting, then feel free to vote away…

I think I ranked 177 last year, although if I’m honest there are so many good blogs out there that I think I’ll end up outside the top 200 this year!

Still surprised that there are some great blogs missing (to name a few):

  • Emad Younis, who writes so much good stuff on vCSA and now more recently on VMware Cloud on AWS!
  • Chanaka Ekanayake, great blogger from a VMware partner.
  • My good friends at vMusketeers who write on a variety of VMware content!
  • Mike Foley, a blog site I’ve used a lot this year with regards to security on vSphere.
  • Paul Wynne, great guy from Dell EMC who loves VxRail & vSAN as much as I do!!


Anyways, head over to vSphere-Land and give out some love to the community!

Top vBlog 2017 Full Results

And after a couple of weeks of counting, the results of the Top vBlog for 2017 (sponsored by turbonomic) has been released by www.vsphere-land.com:


Congratulations to all 273 bloggers that make up the Top vBlog table!

Big congratulations to William Lam who takes the top spot this year… a great website I always refer to when in need of some CLI scripts to get some work done!

Also congrats to Vladan Seget and Cormac Hogan who finish 2nd and 3rd…. Vladan’s blog is particularly useful for those who are just starting out on their VMware journey as he covers all aspects of the VMware portfolio – and as an independent blogger he dedicates quite a lot of time in writing concise articles for his readers! Cormac as always is a great source of everything storage related within VMware, particularly vSAN – I always flick between him and Duncan Epping for up-to-date info around vSAN and storage!

This year I fortunate to again rank in the Top vBlog list, dropping 16 spots to 177…. which is still mighty impressive given I don’t dedicate as much time as I would like to blogging! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! =)

However, there are so many quality blogs out there which didn’t make it into the top vBlogs lists for some reason…. the likes of:

  • Emad Younis, who has great content on vCSA and migration.
  • Chanaka Ekanayake, who like me works within the Channel and has great content on VMware as well as other vendors.
  • Simon Todd, who’s a VMware SABU SE aligned to EMEA… some good stuff on vSAN.
  • Marco van Baggum, who writes some interesting articles on NSX (and also helps run the vExpert slack space)

It’ll be wrong not to also mention some vExperts who aren’t on the list like Christian Parker, Mathew Bunce….

… and the list goes on…..

Anyways, congrats to all…. we’re all winners as they say!

Voting now open for Top vBlog 2017!


It’s that time of year again when the VMware community starts to cast their votes as to which blog should be crowned “Top vBlog” for 2017…!

This year Duncan Epping (http://www.yellow-bricks.com/) and Frank Denneman (http://frankdenneman.nl) have decided to withdraw their blogs from the voting, which is admirable as they both always feature in the top 5 (or #1 for the past 8 years in the case of Duncan!!). From what I’ve read, both wish that other people get the recognition as sometimes the voting is based on popularity rather than content.

Maybe there should be a hall of fame that the likes of Duncan and Frank could be inducted into?!? =)

Last year, much to my surprise, I ended up ranked #161.. if I’m honest I didn’t even think I would rank! Anyways, thanks to those who voted for me…. hopefully I’ll rank again this year… it’s always nice to be recognised by your peers, but blogging for me is a hobby as I’ve got a hectic work and family life (a 20mth baby takes up alot of time…).

Anyways, head along to vSphere-land to read more about the voting rules:

If you’re looking for a list of all vBlogs, then head over to vLaunchPad:

Once you’re ready to cast your vote, head over to the voting site:

And if you’re interested in last years results, then here they are:

Voting runs until the 30th June.

… and lastly, thanks again to Eric Siebert (http://vsphere-land.com) for running and managing the voting process and to Turbonomic (https://turbonomic.com) for once again sponsoring the whole event.

Yes, I know I’m a bit late with this announcement as voting opened on the 1st June… Unfortunately I’m on holiday and it’s been difficult trying to find decent network reception on the canals of Wales – it seems you can only get 4G network when you’re near a town… =(


Top vBlog 2016 Full Results – #161 The Virtual Unknown

So the votes have been cast and the results are in for Eric Sieberts (http://vsphere-land.com/) annual Top vBlog award, sponsored by VMTurbo….

There were over 1600 votes cast this year, and BIG Congratulations once again to Duncan Epping (http://www.yellow-bricks.com) who has finished top for the 8th consecutive year!! That’s quite a feat considering Duncan has only been blogging for around 9 years! =)

Well deserved in my opinion! It’s great for people to recognise how much Duncan gives back to the community! Yellow-bricks was actually one of the first VMware blogs that I read and helped to inspire me to start blogging!

The Top 10 stays pretty much the same – although big congrats to Vladan for breaking into the top 10 this year (and knocking Chad Sakac out – that’s no mean feat if you read Chad’s blog!!), Vladan has done much to promote VMware/Virtualisation the past few years and it’s great that the public have voted him into the top 10 – in fact if you’re studying for the VCP6-DCV, then make sure you download his study guide: http://www.vladan.fr/vcp6-dcv-study-guide-free-download-pdf/

So the biggest surprise I got when I woke up this morning was to see that my blog has made the Top vBlog list…. new entry at #161……. Totally honoured that people have even read my blog, let alone vote for me! When I first started blogging just over 3 years ago, I didn’t even imagine I could get on this annual list of top virtualisation bloggers…. let alone be recognised as a vExpert!

In a way it’s encouraging me to continue with my blogging and gives me another goal to ensure I stay on that list next year!

So to all my readers – thanks…. and to those who voted for me – a bigger thank you! =)


Full results here: http://vsphere-land.com/news/top-vblog-2016-full-results.html

Top vBlog 2016 – Voting now open

So it’s that time again, when the general public gets to vote for their top 12 blogs on VMware and virtualisation!

Eric Siebert of vSphere-land.com has been running this over the years, and I think it’s a great way for people to recognise and give thanks to those bloggers who take time to post articles to help share their knowledge with the community.

I’m actually surprised that I’ve been included in the list of 300+ bloggers…. and whilst it’s an honour to be listed, I’m pretty sure I won’t get many (or any) votes! Heck, I didn’t even vote for me!! =P

Anyways, head over to vSphere-land.com and show your appreciation to the bloggers who have helped you learn more about VMware and virtualisation! =)