VMworld Europe 2016 – Looking back

So I’ve finally recovered from VMworld…. A week long of learning, networking and zero sleep! =P Let’s recap what I learnt at VMworld, first the moans: Lunch sucked! I was pretty disappointed with the lack of lunch available to attendees - or at least to those attendees who were at VMworld to attend Breakout Sessions, … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2016 – Looking back

Trend Micro VIP Party – sponsored by MTI Technology

Oh, I forgot to mention that my company - MTI Technology - are sponsoring the Trend Micro Party @ VMworld 2016 Europe on Tuesday 18th October. Feel free to register and come along.... =) Join us at VMworld 2016 for the MTI Trend Micro VIP party, a great networking opportunity, in the heart of Barcelona. Kicking … Continue reading Trend Micro VIP Party – sponsored by MTI Technology

VMworld 2016 Europe – Sessions

After the past 3 years of attending VMworld in Barcelona and packing my schedule full of sessions causing me to run between sessions and grab lunch on the go, I swore to myself that this year I would be more selective with my sessions so that I'm not rushing around like a headless chicken..... .... Unfortunately … Continue reading VMworld 2016 Europe – Sessions