VMworld 2016 US – Day 1 General Session Overview

So the replay of yesterdays Day 1 General Session is now online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwS-AwGtEMw The biggest announcement is the tech preview of Cross-Cloud Architecture. This is obviously VMware's next step in their "Any Cloud, Any Application, Any Device" vision. According to VMware: "This architecture extends VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy, enabling customers to run, manage, connect and secure their applications … Continue reading VMworld 2016 US – Day 1 General Session Overview

vCloud Director Convergence and Transition Plan

vCloud Director Convergence and Transition PlanVery good blog post regarding how vCD will be integrated with vSphere and vCAC.....So it seems vCD is being phased out of Enterprise customers with vSphere handling the cloud infrastructure and vCAC the automation and cloud management.It sounds like vCD will become a VSPP product specifically aimed at service providers.....

Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation

The problem about working full time is it's really hard to find time to blog, and also to find topics to blog about! =)One of the great things about my job is we have a solution centre in the office which allows me to play around with kit! =)Our solution centre is based around an … Continue reading Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation

DO NOT disable DRS within a vCloud environment!!

I remember watching this video when going through my vCloud Director training, and stumbled across it again a few days ago... thought I'd share it with you all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0_tLVR6uUc Basically by disabling DRS on your vCloud resource cluster you remove all resource pools in vCenter (unfortunate side effect of DRS). Now vCloud Director relies heavily on … Continue reading DO NOT disable DRS within a vCloud environment!!

Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)

So one of the BIG problems at the moment is that SRM does not fully support protecting your vCloud environment. http://www.vmware.com/support/srm/srm-releasenotes-5-1-1.html#caveats It supports protecting your management cluster (so the vCenter servers, vCD cells, vCNS manager, vCM, DBs, etc), but it doesn't yet protect your resource cluster..... so all those VMs you've deployed in your organisations … Continue reading Protecting your Cloud (vCloud & SRM)

Creating a Load Balancer in vCloud Director 5.1

So as promised, today I'm going to blog about how to manually create a load balancer service on an edge gateway within vCloud Director. I'm assuming here that you know all about Edge Gateways and how to create them, so will by-pass that info - if you don't know then VMware has a simple to … Continue reading Creating a Load Balancer in vCloud Director 5.1

Back to Blogging……

So I know I said I wasn't going to blog much in the coming weeks, but giving the fact that my jury service has been cancelled next week (court case was cancelled so Jury was dismissed due to no other court cases running) and also the fact that my current work project has been cancelled … Continue reading Back to Blogging……