DO NOT disable DRS within a vCloud environment!!

I remember watching this video when going through my vCloud Director training, and stumbled across it again a few days ago… thought I’d share it with you all!

Basically by disabling DRS on your vCloud resource cluster you remove all resource pools in vCenter (unfortunate side effect of DRS).
Now vCloud Director relies heavily on these resource pools, in fact by disabling DRS you pretty much destroy your vCloud environment!! O_o”

When you create your vCloud, you usually create a Provider virtual DataCenter (PvDC) which is usually assigned to a HA cluster within vCenter. When you start to create Organisations and then the relevant resources you wish to assign to that Organisation, you create Organisation virtual DataCenters (Org vDCs – which basically is a pot of resources you’ve carved off the PvDC).
It’s these Org vDCs which are backed up by resource pools within vCenter, hence why if you disable DRS, you pretty much destroy all your Org vDCs within your cloud!!

There really isn’t an easy way around this (restoring a backup of your vCenter Server DB will go some way to repairing your vCloud)…..

As the video shows, whilst the VMs within a vApp will keep running if powered on (or warm booted), if you power them off then they die (because the resource pool it belonged to was destroyed)!
Plus you won’t be able to manage the vApp or doing anything within vCloud Director (like deploy a catalog template, power on another vApp, etc).

There’s a more indepth article by Chris Colotti that goes into what happens when you disable DRS:

Gotcha: Disabling VMware DRS with vCloud Director

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