Pat Gelsinger & Kit Colbert Introduce VMware’s…

Pat Gelsinger & @kitcolbert introduce #VMware solution for Cloud-Native Apps #vmwcnaPat Gelsinger & Kit Colbert Introduce VMware's...Watch our online event to see the introduction of two new open-sourced projects to build, deploy, and manage secure, containerized applications.VMware Advocacy

No coredump target has been configured

So recently a number of customers have been experiencing a core dump target error after rebooting their ESXi hosts.... quite strangely I also recently experienced the same issue when my demo environment went down a few weeks ago due to a power failure. There isn't really a clear explanation why this happens, but it seems … Continue reading No coredump target has been configured

Issues using Windows Session Credentials with vSphere Client and vCenter Server Appliance

So it seems there's a known bug when using vSphere Client to log into your vCenter Server Appliance..... it actually affects vCenter Server Appliance 5.1, 5.5, and 6.0. If you try to log in to vCenter Server by checking the "Use Windows Session Credentials", it bombs out with a General System Error as follows: Looking into the vpxd.log … Continue reading Issues using Windows Session Credentials with vSphere Client and vCenter Server Appliance

VMware Online Technology Forum on Now!

VMware Online Technology Forum has started.... are you attending? Live presentations on all the new goodies from VMware - vSphere 6, vRealize Automation/Operations, virtual SAN 6, App Volumes, vCloud Air, EVO:Rail....... If you can't attend today, then the content will be made available on demand from tomorrow (16th April):

Installing/Upgrading vCenter Server Appliance 6.0

I've been itching to deploy vSphere 6.0 GA for weeks now (since it was launched last month - wanted to replace my vSphere 6.0 Beta environment) but due to work commitments I've had to put this pet-project on the back-burner..... really hate when vendors release new toys at the end of quarter as it means … Continue reading Installing/Upgrading vCenter Server Appliance 6.0