vCenter Operations Manager – SSL Certificate issues

So during a recent deployment of vCenter Operations Manager (5.8.2) at a customer site I encountered the following error whilst trying to pair the vCOPs vApp to their vCenter Server."Unable to get vCenter Server certificate chain"This was the first time I had encountered this issue deploying vCOPs, fortunately given how much exposure I got to … Continue reading vCenter Operations Manager – SSL Certificate issues

Site Recovery Manager SSL error

Recently had to regenerate the SSL certificates on my vCenter Server Appliance as I had noticed they were originally created with localhost.localdom as the DNS name. Quite easy to regenerate the SSL certs, just log onto the admin page of the vCSA (http://ip-address:5480) and log in as root. Click on the Admin tab and by Certificate regeneration … Continue reading Site Recovery Manager SSL error

Installing SSL Certificates in vCenter Server

So when I started this blog one of the posts I was planning to write was how to install SSL certificates in vCenter Server in order to replace the self-signed VMware ones. I kind of realised that it would be far simpler just to refer everyone to the great articles written by Derek Seaman which … Continue reading Installing SSL Certificates in vCenter Server

Back to Blogging……

So I know I said I wasn't going to blog much in the coming weeks, but giving the fact that my jury service has been cancelled next week (court case was cancelled so Jury was dismissed due to no other court cases running) and also the fact that my current work project has been cancelled … Continue reading Back to Blogging……