My Big Bets for 2019 – Intro

Over the Christmas period I started to plan out what I wanted to blog about at the start of 2019. I realised during my vExpert application (damn, it’s so much more stringent now!!) that I haven’t blogged as much as I used to – and that’s mainly because I didn’t want to just post meaningless blogs about how to install/configure the next iteration of vSphere or vSAN. I find there’s been a huge uptake in new bloggers just posting how to “install, configure, manage” certain VMware products and I really didn’t want to take my blog back down that path… especially since it’s very easy to just google “how to install/configure vSAN” – not to mention that VMware have now made the installations so damn easy that my 8 year old nephew could do it!! (Which kind of makes me wonder why people would want to blog about it?!?)

I decided that I wanted to take my blog in a different direction and make it more ‘advisory’ by posting my thoughts on VMware’s vision, what products are new to the market and their benefits, what are they being used for, etc. At the start of the new year I was planning on writing a blog article about products I see taking off in 2019, but due to other events that occurred in my life (like getting made redundant) my blog got put on the back burner for a while.

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands (being freshly unemployed) I’ve decided to resurrect the idea and expand it into several posts.

I decided to look over the VMware portfolio and pick out products that I think are going to make big waves in 2019 – much like how vSAN and HCI did in 2018.

So without further ado….. My Three Big Bets for 2019 are:

  1. CloudHealth
  2. VMware Cloud Foundation
  3. VMware Cloud on AWS

Why have I chosen these 3 products? Well if you look at the general market and what businesses are exploring, there’s a big sense of urgency to do something in the ‘cloud’… but many businesses have failed to execute their cloud strategy due to the problems they encounter with migrating over workloads and managing their public cloud alongside their existing on-premise infrastructure. These 3 products in my opinion now form the vision VMware has with regards to hybrid cloud… a public cloud platform, a private cloud platform, all built on the same software stack giving consistent infrastructure and now with a cloud management tool that provides consistent operations across multiple clouds!

Over the next couple of weeks (or depending on how quickly I can write the articles given my wife has a long list of chores for me to do) I’ll be blogging about each solution, what it’s used for and why I believe it will succeed in 2019.

Stay tuned! =)

vSAN vExpert

Honoured to once again be accepted back into the vSAN vExpert sub-programme, this will be the 4th year in a row I’ve been a vSAN vExpert – ever since it was established back in 2016!

It’s been an amazing 4 years… vSAN has come so far and I’ve been proud to be an advocate/evangelist for the product ever since I first sat eyes on it from reading Yellow-Bricks and

Here’s to an exciting 2019 for vSAN…. hoping the beta services are released to market this year!


This isn’t Goodbye….

So I’ve been quite quiet on social media the past month.. I started the new year with a load of things planned for my blog but that all got shelved as something came up which I’ve had to deal with that was really unexpected!

At the beginning of January my team at VMware were given the worst possible news that anyone can get at the start of a new year…. we were being put at risk of redundancy as they were disbanding the whole EMEA Partner Solutions Architect team! It came as quite a bit of a shock to everyone involved as for months we were being told by senior management that the PSA role was going to play a big part in the new Channel model – enabling the partners and helping to drive them to obtaining their Master Services Competencies! It’s why I took up the role, to make a difference in the way the Channel was being run. I think there are quite a number of disgruntled people in the team thinking they’ve been mis-led…. I’m just mostly annoyed that I didn’t get the opportunity to make an impact or prove myself in the role! We were told it was not a performance related reason but a business decision because the whole EMEA team are not revenue-generating (in other words we were the easiest way to drop headcount that wouldn’t impact sales).

Unfortunately with it being the end of financial year at VMware, most of the roles that suit my skill set have been filled and I’ve not been successful in my applications for other roles…. so as of Thursday next week it’s with a heavy heart that I’ll be leaving VMware. =(

I’ve spoken to a number of friends in the vCommunity and also colleagues at VMware to let them know of my predicament, and most of them are surprised at how well I’m taking it (they know it was my dream job)…. if I’m honest I’m more disappointed than angry…. things like this happen all the time in business, you can dwell on it (and get depressed) or just pick yourself up and get on with life and find the next challenge! I’ve always had a positive outlook to life and things happen for a reason. This just probably wasn’t the right time for me at VMware! I know with my knowledge and ability there should be other opportunities that will open up for me. The bunch of vExperts I’ve got to know over the past year or so have been very encouraging – so shout out to those guys (not going to name-check them and inflate their egos, but if you’re reading this – pat yourself on the back!)…. =)

I think I’m more disappointed that I didn’t have enough time to prove myself at VMware…. I had so many ideas on how to make the Channel better but now I’m not going to get a chance to put any of those ideas in motion. I also wanted to drive the VMUG and vExpert advocacies more within the channel as there are far too many who don’t know what VMUG is, or even that there’s a large vCommunity!

So what’s next? Well I’m exploring some opportunities back in Partner-land, and some other opportunities at a few vendors… nothing firm yet, just putting the feelers out! If anyone knows of any opportunities that I might be interested in, then drop me a comment or message via LinkedIn.


So for now VMware, this is not “Goodbye”…. it’s “See you Soon” (we have unfinished business)!!