vCSA Root Password expiry

So this has been such a common problem encountered by my clients that I decided to write an article on it for SearchVMware. It's pretty simple to fix, and I've included screenshots in the article along with step-by-step instructions on how to bypass the root lockout. Enjoy....

vCenter Server Appliance & WinSCP

The other day I had to pull off the SSL certs for the vCSA and I was struggling to connect to the appliance even after enabling SSH and Bash shell access from within the VAMI. Turns out a bit more configuration is required before you can connect to the vCSA via SCP and this is mainly … Continue reading vCenter Server Appliance & WinSCP

Rumors Are Afoot: Is the Dell/EMC Merger…

Rumors Are Afoot: Is the Dell/EMC Merger Starting to Unravel?Rumors Are Afoot: Is the Dell/EMC Merger...It has been an interesting timeto be living in the IT world. The ripples and ructions caused bythe Dell/EMC merger have quashed almost everyother conversation. This is the biggest take-private merger transaction for a tech company ever, dwarfed only by … Continue reading Rumors Are Afoot: Is the Dell/EMC Merger…

Deploying VSAN 6.1 ROBO

One of the things I'm fortunate to have access to at MTI Technology is the Solution Centre which has all sorts of kit that can be used for demos and for consultants to play around with. After coming back from VMworld, one of the things I really wanted to test out was how easy it … Continue reading Deploying VSAN 6.1 ROBO

VMware Strategy: VMware NSX Vision and Strategy

@VMware Strategy: @VMwareNSX Vision and StrategyVMware Strategy: VMware NSX Vision and StrategyVMware's Bruce Davie, CTO for networking for VMware, outlines the company's strategy for NSX. Learn about new use cases for NSX, such as integration with vRealize Automation for instant network provisioning, and the use of disaster recovery to improve application continuity.VMware Advocacy

VMware Virtual SAN article

So I was asked to write another article for SearchVMware, and decided to write about Virtual SAN as it's an interesting concept which VMware have decided is one of 2 key focused products for 2016 (the other being NSX). Enjoy......

Taking a Zero Trust Approach to Security

See how IT leaders can leverage micro-segmentation for zero trust security #VMware #NSXTaking a Zero Trust Approach to SecurityTraditional security approaches that follow the “trust but verify” concept are insufficient against today’s persistent and evolving cyberthreats. A new approach, the Zero Trust model of information security, eliminates the assumption that there are “trusted” and “untrusted” … Continue reading Taking a Zero Trust Approach to Security

VMware Workstation from 1999 to 2015

VMware Workstation from 1999 to 2015VMware Workstation from 1999 to 2015About 16 years ago, long before ESXi and vSphere, VMware published their first product: VMware 1.0 . VMware was the first application that allowed to run multiple operating systems on a single x86 machine. The VMware Virtual Platform technology adds a thin software layer that … Continue reading VMware Workstation from 1999 to 2015

Unable to connect to VAMI after upgrading the vCSA

One of the plus points with upgrading your vCenter Server Appliance to 6.0 update 1 is the fact that VMware have re-introduced the Virtual Appliance Management Interface (VAMI). This was one of my bug-bears with 6.0... how any sort of administration/configuration work required you to access the vCSA shell! Recently after upgrading a customers vCSA … Continue reading Unable to connect to VAMI after upgrading the vCSA