MTI VMworld Update Session Recordings

As I previous blogged, I was asked by my company to present a VMworld update webinar regarding SDDC and Hybrid Cloud. The webinars have now all taken place and recordings are available for all the sessions that took place this week: Software-Defined Data Center & Hybrid Cloud - announcements from VMworld Expanding Your Horizons – EUC … Continue reading MTI VMworld Update Session Recordings

MTI VMworld Webinar Series

MTI are holding a series of VMworld-related webinars taking place next week. You can find out more about these sessions and register at These webinars are designed to ensure that people who were unable to attend VMworld in Barcelona are able to hear all the latest updates regarding VMware’s three key strategic initiatives – the software-defined datacentre, … Continue reading MTI VMworld Webinar Series

MTI Webinar Series – VMworld Update Session

As you all know, VMworld took place in Barcelona last month. During this event, VMware made a series of announcements regarding its three strategic initiatives – software defined datacentre (SDDC), hybrid cloud, and end-user computing (EUC). My company is currently holding a series of webinars in November covering VMware and complementary parter offerings, and I've been asked … Continue reading MTI Webinar Series – VMworld Update Session

VMware VCP 5.5 Delta Exam (#VCP550D) Passed!

So having spent weeks months procrastinating, I finally got round to studying for my VCP 5.5 delta exam (VCP550D) and actually breezed the exam on Monday (think I scored 430 or something) - which is great as it means I'm safe for another 2 years! =) Self-studying for exams can be quite daunting as you never … Continue reading VMware VCP 5.5 Delta Exam (#VCP550D) Passed!

ESXi bug – backing up 128GB vdisks and CBT

So I read about this issue a week or so ago when this bug started doing the rounds in the VMware communities and The Register picked up on the issue.... I was planning to blog about it but it slipped my mind due to a busy end of month! >_<" Anyways, VMware have sheepishly recognised the bug … Continue reading ESXi bug – backing up 128GB vdisks and CBT