VMUG Advantage – EVALExperience

So last week VMware launched their latest scheme to try and help end-users spin up a home lab running all the goodness from VMware..... EVALExperience http://www.vmug.com/EVALExperience It's exclusively for VMUG Advantage members, which means you need to cough up $200 to join. Whilst that may seem quite a number of "greenbacks" to part with, it's … Continue reading VMUG Advantage – EVALExperience

vCloud Air Tutorials

Want to know more about the VMware vCloud Air services? Well pop along to the tutorial page in the vCloud portal! =) http://vcloud.vmware.com/uk/using-vcloud-air/tutorials Excellent material for how to use the vCloud Air services, how to setup and deploy VMs if you purchase a Dedicated or Virtual Private Cloud..... and most importantly how the vCloud Air … Continue reading vCloud Air Tutorials

vCenter Server – Appliance or Windows, which to deploy?

One of my New Years’ resolutions was to try and clear out the draft folder of my blog where I had started to write down my thoughts for different topics, only to get side-tracked…. Happens quite often as I'm the "Prince of Procrastination"…. =) After deleting loads of draft posts which have become redundant due to product … Continue reading vCenter Server – Appliance or Windows, which to deploy?