VMUG Advantage – EVALExperience

So last week VMware launched their latest scheme to try and help end-users spin up a home lab running all the goodness from VMware..... EVALExperience http://www.vmug.com/EVALExperience It's exclusively for VMUG Advantage members, which means you need to cough up $200 to join. Whilst that may seem quite a number of "greenbacks" to part with, it's … Continue reading VMUG Advantage – EVALExperience

VMworld Partner Day Round up

So I've just got back to my hotel after the VMUG party (sponsored by Veeam)... It was nice to catch up with people from the VMware community.... even more impressive to see some top guys in VMware pop down to mingle with us lesser folks..... (recognised @CColotti, amongst others). Anyways, so there wasn't anything really new … Continue reading VMworld Partner Day Round up