VMUG Advantage – EVALExperience

So last week VMware launched their latest scheme to try and help end-users spin up a home lab running all the goodness from VMware….. EVALExperience


It’s exclusively for VMUG Advantage members, which means you need to cough up $200 to join.
Whilst that may seem quite a number of “greenbacks” to part with, it’s actually quite worthwhile if you are a VMware end user!
VMUG (VMware’s User Group) is a brilliant community which is hugely supported by VMware and some of the top techies in the industry…. they hold regular events where you not only get to network with your peers over a few beers, but also where you can get all the low-down from VMware regarding hot topics in the industry or new products!

VMUG Adv membership also gives you quite a variety of discounts off VMworld, Training, Exams and books! So like all things you can actually make your membership fees back.

I have to be honest and say that I have not yet joined the Advantage scheme, and that’s mainly because working for a VMware Premier Partner means I gain access to a lot of goodies above what the membership can give me (not to mention work pays for training and exams).
However, if I was an end-user then this program would be a perfect fit!

Anyways, I digress…… EVALExperience…..

VMware are offering all VMUG Advantage members free 1-year eval licenses for nearly all of their software products (vSphere, vSOM, vCenter, vCloud Suite, vRealize, etc).
However, I believe it’s limited to just 2 CPUs at present and you don’t get support.

This makes it all the more worthwhile to join…… If you’re new to VMware or want to setup a home lab, then free software always goes down well! =)
Unfortunately if you’re looking at a bigger lab setup, then 2 CPUs is a bit limiting….. and I’m still not sure how you would run Virtual SAN with only a license for 2 CPUs.
(You need a minimum of 3 hosts for Virtual SAN = 3 CPUs minimum if it’s a single CPU host).

So VMware licenses for just $200….. bargain!

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