Dell EMC VxRail Software Update – Spectre Guest OS leakage mitigation

I posted earlier in the year that Dell EMC had released a Security Advisory to address Spectre (Meltdown doesn’t really affect VMware and hence VxRail). One of the items that wasn't addressed in the original fix was Guest OS leakage mitigation between processes within the VM - this required CPU/BIOS microcode updates which were not yet available … Continue reading Dell EMC VxRail Software Update – Spectre Guest OS leakage mitigation

EMC/VMware Buy Out Rumours

Earlier this week a colleague of mine brought two articles to my attention.... The first was an article about "Why EMC may buy out VMware", the second was a complete reversal - "Why VMware may buy out EMC". Interesting articles to read.....   EMC buying out the remaining stake of VMware and taking … Continue reading EMC/VMware Buy Out Rumours

EMC VSPEX Blue Launch

So last year after VMware announced EVO:RAIL at VMworld I held a quick tech session with my colleagues at MTI and we discussed what effects the Hyper Converged Infrastructure Appliances (HCIA) would bring to the market.... of particular we contemplated what EMC would bring to EVO:RAIL when it was announced that they would be a QEP (Qualified EVO:RAIL Partner). … Continue reading EMC VSPEX Blue Launch

MTI Webinar Series – VMworld Update Session

As you all know, VMworld took place in Barcelona last month. During this event, VMware made a series of announcements regarding its three strategic initiatives – software defined datacentre (SDDC), hybrid cloud, and end-user computing (EUC). My company is currently holding a series of webinars in November covering VMware and complementary parter offerings, and I've been asked … Continue reading MTI Webinar Series – VMworld Update Session

VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 2 round up

So Day 2 draws to a close.... and it's been a really tiring few days for me... more so than last year! Maybe it's just me getting old! I kinda did a half-ass job of my update for Day 1 - mainly because it was very late and I was very tired. At some point … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 2 round up

VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 1 round up

So as a partner I had the opportunity to attend VMworld a day earlier than the general public.... which means I was at VMworld on Monday for a full day of partner breakout sessions. Apart from the Partner General Session (which was taken by Carl Eschenbach as Pat Gelsinger had transportation problems), I pretty much … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 1 round up

EMC Mega Launch Event Report

Hmm..... so the Mega Launch really didn't turn out to be that 'MEGA'..... dribs and drabs of info released that most people in the room already knew from what they had seen and heard at EMC World (and from NDAs sessions with EMC)..... Not to mention the poor show from the Italian marketing team with … Continue reading EMC Mega Launch Event Report

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup So during my searches online for all things VMworld related, I stumbled across this interesting blog entry by VirtualGeek regarding backups..... always a bane of any VMware admin! It seems that EMC and VMware have shacked up once again and the new features on Avamar 7 shows a tighter integration with … Continue reading VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup

Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation

The problem about working full time is it's really hard to find time to blog, and also to find topics to blog about! =)One of the great things about my job is we have a solution centre in the office which allows me to play around with kit! =)Our solution centre is based around an … Continue reading Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation