End of Availability of vSphere Data Protection

Wow.... ok..... so this was an interested announcement to receive. Whilst I kind of understand that VDP wasn't really deployed by the masses, it was still nice to be able to have a free backup solution if you were deploying a small VMware environment. The EoA of vSphere Data Protection pretty much means anyone wanting … Continue reading End of Availability of vSphere Data Protection

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup So during my searches online for all things VMworld related, I stumbled across this interesting blog entry by VirtualGeek regarding backups..... always a bane of any VMware admin! It seems that EMC and VMware have shacked up once again and the new features on Avamar 7 shows a tighter integration with … Continue reading VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup