Should IT be Cloud?

A while back I was asked to write an article about Cloud Computing for my company's blog site...... which they decided to publish during my snowboarding trip to Serre Chevalier! (Hence the late publication on my blog). Have a read and feel free to let me know your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree on … Continue reading Should IT be Cloud?

EMC VSPEX Blue Launch

So last year after VMware announced EVO:RAIL at VMworld I held a quick tech session with my colleagues at MTI and we discussed what effects the Hyper Converged Infrastructure Appliances (HCIA) would bring to the market.... of particular we contemplated what EMC would bring to EVO:RAIL when it was announced that they would be a QEP (Qualified EVO:RAIL Partner). … Continue reading EMC VSPEX Blue Launch

VMware vExpert 2015 Announced

Wow..... I'm actually pretty honoured to be accepted by VMware as a vExpert for 2015! I guess this means I will have to work extra hard to come up with interesting blog posts to justify my acceptance into such a niche group! I've dedicated quite a lot of effort into raising VMware's profile within … Continue reading VMware vExpert 2015 Announced

vSphere 6.0 Launched

So Tuesday was quite an eventful day..... not only did it snow in my neck of the woods (South West London) and cause chaos to road traffic - which meant I had to walk just over a mile to the station in freezing weather as the buses weren't going anywhere - it was also the … Continue reading vSphere 6.0 Launched