Why VMware’s NSX software will become a data…

Why @VMware's #NSX software will become a data center requirementWhy VMware's NSX software will become a data...VMware's NSX software can help businesses improve security across a data center, which is why it may soon be seen as a required piece of the data center infrastructure.VMware Advocacy

VMware ecosystem gets bigger

#VMware ecosystem gets bigger, Michael Dell committed to independenceVMware ecosystem gets bigger"We intend for VMware to remain an independent public company. Further, we believe it is very important to maintain VMware's successful business model supporting an open and independent ecosystem. We do not plan to do anything proprietary with VMware as regards Dell or EMC, … Continue reading VMware ecosystem gets bigger

Upgrading vCenter Server from 5.5 to 6.0u1

Now that VMworld Europe is over I've had more time to sit down and look at MTI's Solution Centre and decided that I’d take the opportunity to upgrade my company’s primary demo environment to vSphere 6.0. Previously I had held off doing an upgrade because we run a PernixData demo environment on our main ESXi … Continue reading Upgrading vCenter Server from 5.5 to 6.0u1

VMworld Europe 2015 – Very Short Round Up

This year I didn't have the opportunity to 'live blog' VMworld each day, and that was mainly down to 2 things: The need for sleep due to sleep deprivation caused by becoming a parent for the first time (my baby daughter was 2 weeks old when I left for Barcelona, so a lot of sleep was … Continue reading VMworld Europe 2015 – Very Short Round Up

VMworld 2015 Europe Party – Weds 14th Oct

VMworld's Party will be held in Hall 6.0 from 7pm-10pm..... it's always a shame that the party stops at 10pm!! DJ’s A-Rock and Shaydakiss, join forces with Videogirl to kick off the night with music and video that will get the party started. Then at 8pm, Faithless takes the stage to round out a night of unbeatable … Continue reading VMworld 2015 Europe Party – Weds 14th Oct

VMworld 2015 Update

Recently I was asked to write a comment for SearchVMware's Advisory Council September topic, which was about VMworld 2015 US and what was announced: http://searchvmware.techtarget.com/feature/vSphere-integrated-containers-and-other-updates-excite-at-VMworld-2015 With VMworld 2015 Europe just around the corner, I decided that such a short comment wouldn't do the US convention much justice, as such I decided to continue and expand on all the … Continue reading VMworld 2015 Update