VMworld Europe 2015 – Very Short Round Up

This year I didn’t have the opportunity to ‘live blog’ VMworld each day, and that was mainly down to 2 things:

  1. The need for sleep due to sleep deprivation caused by becoming a parent for the first time (my baby daughter was 2 weeks old when I left for Barcelona, so a lot of sleep was caught up – and yes, my wife did give me permission to attend VMworld….)
  2. This year my company – MTI Technology – invited a number of clients out to VMworld, so I had to do a bit of entertaining whilst out in Barcelona.

Looking back at VMworld Europe, I realised that I didn’t actually learn as much as I did in previous years…. probably because I spent quite a bit of time reading up on the announcements from VMworld US and actually blogged about it all previously.

All the technical breakout sessions I attended on VSAN/NSX/vCloud Air/VIC/Photon Platform/EVO SDDC were just repeats of sessions from the US that I had access to, so my attendance was just to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything when I wrote my VMworld update.

So whilst this may seem a bit of a lazy blog, I realised that I would just be repeating myself if I blogged about VMworld Europe.

So apologies if any of you have been waiting for my blog updates!


On another note, Faithless were AWESOME at the VMworld Party! MILES better than Simple Minds….. and probably better than Neon Trees and Alabama Shakes who closed VMworld US! =P

20151014_214003 20151014_214338 20151014_214352


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