Using PowerCLi to run a ESXCli command to find storage info

So recently I had to use VMware Health Analyzer in order to run a health check on a clients' virtual environment alongside a colleague who was running Navisphere Analyzer against the clients' EMC storage array. We notice a slight problem where we couldn't match up the LUN IDs from the storage (ie Channel:Target:Lun - which … Continue reading Using PowerCLi to run a ESXCli command to find storage info

The 3 Amigos of DRAM

Wow.... didn't know that there are now only 3 main players in the DRAM market!Samsung, Micron and Hynix.......I use to peddle memory on eBay, and use to see all sorts of memory manufacturers...... didn't know that the big 3 had practically gobbled up the rest!Anyways, given the amount of hype around flash-based storage over the … Continue reading The 3 Amigos of DRAM

vSphere’s Built in performance monitoring tools

Currently reading around the subject on collecting and analysing performance stats in a VMware environment..... A useful article I stumbled across: Whilst it doesn't tell you how to use the tools, it gives a good summary of what the tools are.... In addition to VMware's own perf mon doc: I also found a whitepaper … Continue reading vSphere’s Built in performance monitoring tools

vForum 2013

Just a quick blog before I hit the sack regarding an upcoming VMware event that some people may not have heard of.... VMware Forum 2013 VMware run this FREE event across the world and it's coming to London at Wembley Stadium on the 2nd May 2013. (There’s another in Manchester at Old Trafford – on … Continue reading vForum 2013


VMware have just released a new design guide regarding Network Virtualisation. Particularly focusing around VXLAN.... part of my new job, I've taken it upon myself to educate my peers on interesting articles released by VMware.VXLAN is being mentioned quite a lot these days as VMware and Cisco start banging on about the move to a … Continue reading VXLAN

What is the difference between OVA and OVF……

So thought I'd start blogging a bit more regarding stuff I have to keep explaining to colleagues.Recently a colleague asked me to explain the difference between OVA and OVF.......OVF = Open Virtualization FormatOVA = Open Virtualization ApplianceWithout going into the history of both type of files, the simple explanation is this: An OVF is usually made up of … Continue reading What is the difference between OVA and OVF……

End of the 1st week…..

So what have I learnt after a full week in my new job?Well....That EMC actually have quite a decent storage proposition and portfolio...... far better than any other vendor I've worked with.... and I've actually been very impressed with what I've seen and learnt so far.That NetApp (for all their publicity) are going about their … Continue reading End of the 1st week…..