The End of vSphere C# Client

I’ve been so busy the past week or so that I totally forgot to post up a link to an article I wrote for SearchVMware regarding the recent announcement of the end of the C# Client!


The 3 Amigos of DRAM

Wow…. didn’t know that there are now only 3 main players in the DRAM market!

Samsung, Micron and Hynix…….

I use to peddle memory on eBay, and use to see all sorts of memory manufacturers…… didn’t know that the big 3 had practically gobbled up the rest!

Anyways, given the amount of hype around flash-based storage over the last year or so (ie violin memory, netapps new offering, EMC’s entry with XtremIO, etc etc), you can imagine that these ‘Three Amigos’ of DRAM will be making quite a buck or three in the coming years!