This isn’t Goodbye….

So I’ve been quite quiet on social media the past month.. I started the new year with a load of things planned for my blog but that all got shelved as something came up which I’ve had to deal with that was really unexpected!

At the beginning of January my team at VMware were given the worst possible news that anyone can get at the start of a new year…. we were being put at risk of redundancy as they were disbanding the whole EMEA Partner Solutions Architect team! It came as quite a bit of a shock to everyone involved as for months we were being told by senior management that the PSA role was going to play a big part in the new Channel model – enabling the partners and helping to drive them to obtaining their Master Services Competencies! It’s why I took up the role, to make a difference in the way the Channel was being run. I think there are quite a number of disgruntled people in the team thinking they’ve been mis-led…. I’m just mostly annoyed that I didn’t get the opportunity to make an impact or prove myself in the role! We were told it was not a performance related reason but a business decision because the whole EMEA team are not revenue-generating (in other words we were the easiest way to drop headcount that wouldn’t impact sales).

Unfortunately with it being the end of financial year at VMware, most of the roles that suit my skill set have been filled and I’ve not been successful in my applications for other roles…. so as of Thursday next week it’s with a heavy heart that I’ll be leaving VMware. =(

I’ve spoken to a number of friends in the vCommunity and also colleagues at VMware to let them know of my predicament, and most of them are surprised at how well I’m taking it (they know it was my dream job)…. if I’m honest I’m more disappointed than angry…. things like this happen all the time in business, you can dwell on it (and get depressed) or just pick yourself up and get on with life and find the next challenge! I’ve always had a positive outlook to life and things happen for a reason. This just probably wasn’t the right time for me at VMware! I know with my knowledge and ability there should be other opportunities that will open up for me. The bunch of vExperts I’ve got to know over the past year or so have been very encouraging – so shout out to those guys (not going to name-check them and inflate their egos, but if you’re reading this – pat yourself on the back!)…. =)

I think I’m more disappointed that I didn’t have enough time to prove myself at VMware…. I had so many ideas on how to make the Channel better but now I’m not going to get a chance to put any of those ideas in motion. I also wanted to drive the VMUG and vExpert advocacies more within the channel as there are far too many who don’t know what VMUG is, or even that there’s a large vCommunity!

So what’s next? Well I’m exploring some opportunities back in Partner-land, and some other opportunities at a few vendors… nothing firm yet, just putting the feelers out! If anyone knows of any opportunities that I might be interested in, then drop me a comment or message via LinkedIn.


So for now VMware, this is not “Goodbye”…. it’s “See you Soon” (we have unfinished business)!!

Goodbye 2018… Hello 2019…

So as 2018 comes to a close a lot of people on social media are writing about their top 3 things they’re thankful of from the vintage year of 2018…. so I’ll just add my penny’s worth and be done with it till next year! 😉

  1. Family & Friends – I’m thankful that I have a very supportive family who are always there for me through thick and thin! I’m also lucky to have met some great people over the years – no more so than the recent bunch of folks from the vCommunity who I got to know better at various conferences this year!
  2. Job Opportunities – having landed a job at VMware, I’ve now reach one of my long-term career goals… it’s taken me a while as I’ve always been a bit picky as to what my next role would be! I’m fortunate enough to have found a perfect role at VMware where I can continue working within the channel… hopefully I can bring some of the knowledge I’ve picked up over the past decade working at a VAR/Solution Provider and help drive partner engagement at VMware. 2019 will be an exciting time for me with this brand new role – especially since it’s a new structure rolling out in EMEA first!
  3. Old Colleagues at MTI Technology – moving jobs means having to leave behind a brilliant group of people at MTI Technology where I’ve spent 5 amazing years. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t end up at MTI after 2e2 went into administration – that experience really drove me to expand my knowledge, start blogging about VMware and also become more active in the community…. and all with the full support of my manager who had the decency to trust that I could carry out my day job whilst pursuing other personal objectives! 2018 also saw a new marketing team come on board at MTI and take an idea I had for a “Secure HCI Campaign” and turn it into an award-winning one! With the help of my colleague Andy Tang we wrote the material for the campaign which marketing helped to put together!


So what’s in store for 2019….. Well, I’m never one who’s great at making New Years’ resolutions and then keeping to them for 365 days! I guess the 3 things I’m hoping to achieve this year would be:

  1. Try and be a good father and husband – with my 2nd child due in March I’m going to have to level up my parenting skills (Dad v2.0). Whilst I’m excited that we’re having a 2nd kid, I’m also vaguely aware that it’s been 3+ years since I last had to deal with a newborn – although I’m told it all comes flooding back the first time you change their nappy (“OMG it’s black tar”) and after 24hrs of no sleep! Also a 2nd child means more responsibility and with us both deciding the wife should stop work to raise our kids, it means I need to be more financially responsible!
  2. Excel in my new job and try not to get fired! (that last point is always a good resolution to have!) I’ve had a soft-landing so far into my role with a lot of onboarding and training, but not much in terms of going out to work with partners (still waiting for final list of focus-partners). I’m told that January is when I’m really going to be dropped in the deep end, so I need to make sure I’m ready for the new challenges I’m going to face in 2019!
  3. Try and get more involved with the VMware community – whether vExpert or VMUG! The latter is difficult now that I’m working for VMware, but hopefully I can support the vCommunity wherever I can… who knows, maybe I’ll finally say a few words on a podcast or maybe present something at VMUG/VMworld… All I know is I’ve met a great bunch of people from the community and I want to continue supporting it as best as I can!


So, that’s it from me….. Hope you all have a Blessed and Prosperous 2019!

For Three Years Running, vSAN named the CRN…

For Three Years Running, vSAN named the CRN…

VMware is pleased to announce that, for the third year in a row, vSAN is the CRN Product of the Year in the Software Defined Storage category. We are thankful for the recognition from our partner community, and we’re excited to see the continued leadership momentum. This year, vSAN was named a leader twice by The post For Three Years Running, VMware vSAN named the CRN Product of the Year in the Software Defined Storage Category! appeared first on Virtual Blocks.

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VMware Once Again a Leader in the Gartner Magic…

VMware Once Again a Leader in the Gartner Magic…

Today, we’re pleased that VMware was once again named a Leader in the 2018 revision of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), improving on both the Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute axes. VMware believes this is a validation not only of our strategy, but also our ability to execute on our The post VMware Once Again a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure, November 2018 appeared first on Virtual Blocks.

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MTI Secure Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Webinar

So last Thursday I was asked by the marketing peeps at my company, MTI Technology, to run a webinar with my colleague, Andrew Tang, around what Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is all about, why it’s suddenly become so popular within the industry, and how best to secure a HCI solution.

The webinar has now been uploaded for public consumption…. and since it kind of went ok – apart from me suffering from a runny nose throughout (sorry for all the sniffing) – I’ve decided to blog about the webinar for you all to watch.

I don’t really touch upon product in this webinar, as the last thing customers want is to be shoehorned into a certain vendor product… instead I hope the webinar gives enough information about what HCI is in general, why customers should be looking at HCI during their next infrastructure refresh, and more importantly what to consider when evaluating a HCI solution!

Feel free to pop along and access the webinar recording here: (sorry, you have to fill in your details to gain access….)

Finally, if you’re interested in talking more about HCI then feel free to contact me or register for one of MTI’s HCI Discovery Workshops:

VMware Announces General Availability of…

VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 Update 1

VMware Announces General Availability of…

vSphere 6.5 Update 1 is the Update You’ve Been Looking For! Today, VMware is excited to announce the general availability of vSphere 6.5 Update 1. This is the first major update to the well-received vSphere 6.5 that was released in November of 2016. With this update release, VMware builds upon the already robust industry-leading virtualization The post VMware Announces General Availability of vSphere 6.5 Update 1 appeared first on VMware vSphere Blog .

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Introducing VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 & VMware…

Introducing VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 & VMware NSX-T 1.1. Plus the all new NSX for ROBO edition!

Introducing VMware NSX for vSphere 6.3 & VMware…

This past week at VMware has been quite exciting! Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, reported on the Q4 2016 earnings call that VMware NSX has more than 2,400 customers exiting 2016. Today, we continue that momentum by announcing new releases of our two different VMware NSX platforms – VMware NSX™ for vSphere® 6.3 and VMware NSX-T 1.1.

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What’s New in vSphere 6.5: vCenter management…

What’s New in vSphere 6.5: vCenter management clients – VMware vSphere Blog

What’s New in vSphere 6.5: vCenter management…

vSphere 6.5 brings with it significant changes to the vCenter Server management clients including the vSphere Web Client and new HTML5 based vSphere Client. A detailed FAQ can be found here in this KB article; a summary of the changes are given below in this blog post.

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vRealize Operations 6.4: Supercharge your SDDC…

vRealize Operations 6.4: Supercharge your SDDC Intelligent Operations

vRealize Operations 6.4: Supercharge your SDDC…

Download vRealize Operations 6.4 to Optimize Resource Utilization, Boost Cross Domain Collaboration, Lower Mean Time to Resolution vRealize Operations 6.4, released November 15 2016, takes Intelligent Operations for your Software Defined Data Center to a whole new level by delivering- Optimal Resource Utilization: Predictive DRS boosts resource utilization by factoring in utilization trends from vRealize The post vRealize Operations 6.4: Supercharge your SDDC Intelligent Operations appeared…Read More

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