VMworld 2013 US ends…… so here’s my round up!

So VMworld 2013 has come to an end in the US..... and with no real big announcements, many people may have come away a bit disappointed. But as I mentioned in a previous post, "VMware-the-company" has gone through quite a bit over the past year or so.... restructuring/redundancies, new CEO, new focus..... so you can kind … Continue reading VMworld 2013 US ends…… so here’s my round up!

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup

VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup So during my searches online for all things VMworld related, I stumbled across this interesting blog entry by VirtualGeek regarding backups..... always a bane of any VMware admin! It seems that EMC and VMware have shacked up once again and the new features on Avamar 7 shows a tighter integration with … Continue reading VMworld 2013: Next-Gen Backup

VMware Desktop as a Service will be powered by Desktone

VMware Desktop as a Service will be powered by Desktone. More stuff coming out of VMworld in the US..... interesting how vCHS (vCloud Hybrid Service) will actually offer Desktop as a Service where you can push your VDIs into a public cloud provider. As always, the US gets all the goodies before the rest of … Continue reading VMware Desktop as a Service will be powered by Desktone

VMworld 2013 announcements – vCloud Suite

VMworld 2013 announcements - vCloud Suite So there are times when a blogger becomes just pure lazy (ie this is one of those times), so rather than regurgitate everything I've been reading today that came out of the first 2 days of VMworld, I thought it would just be far easier to link to a … Continue reading VMworld 2013 announcements – vCloud Suite

Flash Storage

So Duncan Epping (http://www.yellow-bricks.com) has put together 3 short blog posts about the numerous Flash Storage start-ups that are springing up...... seems every man and his dog wants to start up a flash storage company these days or get in on the high IO/Performance that can be gained by using flash memory or SSDs! =PAnyways, … Continue reading Flash Storage

VMworld 2013 just round the corner!

So with VMworld 2013 kicking off in San Francisco on Sunday, the internet (or at least the VMware community) are awash with what could be announced..... With it being the 10th Anniversary of VMworld, you would expect some big announcements to go alongside a big shindig......! However, from what I've read we might be in … Continue reading VMworld 2013 just round the corner!

DRS Invocation Not Completed

So came across an issue with my VMware cluster today where vCenter was overloading one of my hosts.....Had a quick look at the cluster and under the summary tab it displayed the following error:Hmmm....... upon further inspection it turns out that the hosts weren't displaying their utilisation properly - both CPU and memory displayed 0% … Continue reading DRS Invocation Not Completed

Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation

The problem about working full time is it's really hard to find time to blog, and also to find topics to blog about! =)One of the great things about my job is we have a solution centre in the office which allows me to play around with kit! =)Our solution centre is based around an … Continue reading Troubleshooting a vCloud Director Installation