VMworld 2013 just round the corner!

So with VMworld 2013 kicking off in San Francisco on Sunday, the internet (or at least the VMware community) are awash with what could be announced…..
With it being the 10th Anniversary of VMworld, you would expect some big announcements to go alongside a big shindig……!
However, from what I’ve read we might be in for a bit of a disappointment (that or VMware have been taking a leaf out of JJ Abrams’ books by keeping their cards really close to their chest!).

It’s been interesting reading what’s happening within VMware’s ranks this year…..
Their new(ish) CEO – Pat Gelsinger – decided quite early on in his reign to refocus the company’s route to market – focusing on their core server virtualisation (vSphere) and their cloud business (vCloud Suite).
There’s been a big push on the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) messaging as it’s a key foundation to the direction VMware are moving…..
As such, they went through a bout of restructuring in Q1 (even though their revenue increased over last years), and cut a lot of their workforce….
And they’ve sold off some of the smaller apps/solutions which now fall out of scope:
Zimbra – which let’s be honest never got anywhere!
WaveMaker – which was a Java development tool that they didn’t really build upon or integrate (obviously bought to try and integrate with the vFabric solutions)
Shavlik – patch management tools which didn’t quite get rolled into vCenter or other management products….
(Just to name a few)

VMware have refocused on 3 key strategies:

  • SDDC (vSphere)
  • Hybrid Cloud (vCloud)
  • Mobility (Horizon)

Whilst already established in server virtualisation (vSphere being market leaders and probably the best hypervisor in the market – IMO), they’re still quite new into cloud computing and still struggling to go up against the likes of Amazon.
vCloud Suite, for all it’s advancement over the past year or so, still falls short of usability……
It’s great for deploying and managing the underlying cloud virtual infrastructure (albeit not great with DR of cloud resources – see my previous blog posts), but it is very lacking on the orchestration and self service portal front…… something they’re trying to address with vCloud Automation Center (the old Dynamic Ops product). But this is yet another layer upon a layer upon a layer….. It’s becoming like Microsoft!!
End users love Amazon because it’s EASY to use and administer……. something you can’t really say about vCloud Director.

Cisco have also waded into the cloud management market by buying out Cloupia and re-branding it UCS Director (lol)……. whilst the re-branding doesn’t go down well with all, it’s undeniable that the Cloupia product itself is quite a good tool!
It’s easy to use, easy to administer, easy to setup, a single pane of glass to manage virtual AND physical infrastructure, plus a decent end-user portal!
(Probably something I’ll post about at a later date)

Then there’s the spin off by EMC and VMware – The Pivotal Initiative – chucking big data Greenplum, Pivotal Labs, and Cloud Foundry together (headed by the old VMware CEO – Paul Maritz)…. pretty much a cloud PaaS offering.
(Which I won’t go into as I haven’t read up enough about them)


Anyways, I’ve digressed away from VMworld……. So to summarise what I’ve read/heard:

  1. vSphere 5.5 release (not the big v6.0 that most people were expecting)
    • A re-written, simplified SSO (yay!)
    • Enhancements to vSphere Replication
    • Increased maximums
    • Possibly another new VM hardware version (v10)
    • Improved Web Client (given that the vSphere client will probably be dropped at the next big version release)
  2. Tighter integration of the vCloud Suite products (possibly doing away with all the different products by rolling some of it into vSphere – like vCNS)
  3. Enhancements to Horizon Suite

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much info on the feature upgrade/enhancements on the latter two…. but then again, it’s all rumours at present. We’ll find out next week!

A few things I would like to see announced at VMworld:

  1. Product launch of NSX which they’ve been working on since the acquisition of Nicira.
  2. Re-engineered version of SRM which will protect cloud resources.
  3. Integration of vCAC and vCD into a single product. Or at least making vCAC easier to deploy with vCloud.

Anyways, should be a good show next week…… and I’m still hoping to head on out to Barcelona when VMworld hits Europe in October!

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