VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 2

..... This update is a bit late going up because Tuesday evenings is 5-a-side footie for me.... =) So what was the General Session on Day 2 all about... well it kicked off with a fireside chat between Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell, answering a few questions that were submitted the previous evening from attendees. … Continue reading VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 2

VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 1

If like me, you're stuck in a sweltering London enjoying the bank holiday and watching the Game of Thrones season 7 finale, you may have forgotten that over in Vegas the city is just getting over the big fight of Mayweather vs McGregor and is now inundated with people looking to attend VMworld 2017 US. … Continue reading VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 1

Goodbye vCenter Server for Windows and Flash-based vSphere web client!

Hmm.... it's not even VMworld yet and VMware decide to make 2 big-ish announcements. Although tbh, since vSphere 6.5 was released these 2 announcements have long been coming! Finally, after loads of speculation, VMware had announced that vCenter Server for Windows and the Flash-based vSphere web client is to be deprecated with the launch of … Continue reading Goodbye vCenter Server for Windows and Flash-based vSphere web client!

vExpert 2017 Announcements

Congratulations to those who have been recognised as vExperts and will be joining the group for the 2nd half of 2017! https://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2017/08/vexpert-2017-second-half-announcement.html Also congratulations to existing vExperts who have been recognised as experts in the 2 sub categories - NSX and vSAN! https://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2017/08/vexpert-nsx-2017-award-announcement.html https://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2017/08/vexpert-2017-vsan-announcement.html   I'm fortunate enough to be once again considered as a … Continue reading vExpert 2017 Announcements

Top vBlog 2017 Full Results

And after a couple of weeks of counting, the results of the Top vBlog for 2017 (sponsored by turbonomic) has been released by http://www.vsphere-land.com: http://vsphere-land.com/news/top-vblog-2017-full-results.html Congratulations to all 273 bloggers that make up the Top vBlog table! Big congratulations to William Lam who takes the top spot this year... a great website I always refer to … Continue reading Top vBlog 2017 Full Results

HCIBench 1.6.2 – Testing vSAN performance

Over the past month or so I've been running a number of performance tests on VxRail and vSAN solutions. HCIBench is a brilliant tool to help end-users understand the type of performance that they can achieve with their vSAN solution. It's essentially an automation wrapper around the popular Vdbench tool. Vdbench is an utility specifically created to help … Continue reading HCIBench 1.6.2 – Testing vSAN performance

More on vSAN Encryption

So not long after my article was published on SearchVMware, the guys at Virtual Blocks (VMware's own storage blog) released 2 articles which went into vSAN encryption in a bit more detail. https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2017/06/24/vsan-encryption-1/ https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2017/06/24/vsan-encryption-2/ It's definitely worth noting that using hardware encryption does have an overhead whenever you need to rekey (eg when you need … Continue reading More on vSAN Encryption