VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 2

..... This update is a bit late going up because Tuesday evenings is 5-a-side footie for me.... =) So what was the General Session on Day 2 all about... well it kicked off with a fireside chat between Pat Gelsinger and Michael Dell, answering a few questions that were submitted the previous evening from attendees. … Continue reading VMworld 2017 US General Session Day 2

Tweak Chrome to fix vSphere Web Client

So one of the reasons my blog hasn't been updated quite as regularly as the previous 6 months is because I've been quite busy with work, plus I'm also trying to write articles for searchvmware.com..... =) Here's a quick 'tip' article of mine that they recently published. http://searchvmware.techtarget.com/answer/Tweak-Chrome-Web-browser-to-fix-vSphere-Web-Client