Flash Storage

So Duncan Epping (http://www.yellow-bricks.com) has put together 3 short blog posts about the numerous Flash Storage start-ups that are springing up…… seems every man and his dog wants to start up a flash storage company these days or get in on the high IO/Performance that can be gained by using flash memory or SSDs! =P

Anyways, whilst he hasn’t covered every start-up yet (Notable absences: Nimble, Whiptail, Pure and Tintri)…. it still makes very interesting reading!


Will be very interesting to see what happens in this market over the next few years…. especially with the likes of Fusion IO looking to enter the market with their NexGen acquisition, and the big vendors – EMC (XtremeIO), HP (3Par Flash array), NetApp (EF540) – all looking to jump on the flash/hybrid bandwagon……
The market’s gonna get saturated by arrays, and it’ll be the software and application integration that separates the winners from the losers!

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