vForum 2013

Just a quick blog before I hit the sack regarding an upcoming VMware event that some people may not have heard of….

VMware Forum 2013


VMware run this FREE event across the world and it’s coming to London at Wembley Stadium on the 2nd May 2013. (There’s another in Manchester at Old Trafford – on the 22nd May).

It is predominantly aimed at End-users and IT professionals who are keen to learn how they can engage with VMware and what they can do with the VMware portfolio either to start their virtualisation journey or to expand their virtual environment.

The agenda this year will be focusing on 3 key areas:

Cloud Computing – this will be focused around the vCloud Suite of products and how VMware envisage a ‘software defined datacenter’.

Virtualization – with the majority of clients having an idea of what virtualisation is about, this looks to be focusing on virtualising business critical/tier-1 applications as well as managing/monitoring an users virtual environment.

Mobility – this is pretty much End User Computing focusing on the new Horizon Suite and how it will affect VDI.

Whilst I would love to go to the event, it’s pretty much a non-partner event (i.e. VMware Partners – like my company MTI – are not really invited!). So if you’re interested in finding out more about VMware and how to introduce it into your IT environment….. register NOW and head down to Wembley! =)

Right… off to bed…. got an early start as  I’m heading down to an EMC VSPEX event organised by MTI at the London Transport Museum…. should be interesting stuff! (http://ecommunication.mti.com/acton/rif/1192/e-0481-1302/-/l-tst:30/l-tst/showPreparedMessage)

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