End of the 1st week…..

So what have I learnt after a full week in my new job?


  1. That EMC actually have quite a decent storage proposition and portfolio…… far better than any other vendor I’ve worked with…. and I’ve actually been very impressed with what I’ve seen and learnt so far.
  2. That NetApp (for all their publicity) are going about their Cluster storage in a very difficult and painful way…… whereas it’s far easier with EMC (for example Isilon).
  3. That EMC Isilon is quite an impressive product!
  4. That Networker can be a bit flakey sometimes when setting up, and isn’t the ‘easiest’ of backup products to configure and get working correctly!
  5. That EMC practically own the dedupe market with Avamar and Data Domain

From what I’ve learnt over the past week, I’m surprised at how well EMC can predict the market and how clever they are at acquiring businesses and turning them into big successes…. VMware, Avamar, DataDomain, RSA, Isilon……  What successful acquisitions have the rest of the market vendors done?

HP – well they bought Palm and killed it, 3Com and merged it with their ProCurve division, 3PAR & Lefthand since HP StorageWorks had practically been overtaken by everyone else! Autonomy – yeah that’s going well!….. tbh, Autonomy will probably come good for them, but none of the others have set the world on fire…..

Dell – EqualLogic & Compellent because they didn’t have a storage proposition, Sonicwall for security, Force10 for network and Wyse for thinclient… again, none have been market leaders or big name market players (apart from Wyse)!

NetApp & IBM – zero decent acquisitions that were game changers!


So having come from a background steeped with HP knowledge, I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve seen from EMC so far…… tbh, I had always viewed that when it comes to storage EMC were streets ahead of the rest of the market!


Yes…. I’ve pretty much been brainwashed already!

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