Installing SSL Certificates in vCenter Server

So when I started this blog one of the posts I was planning to write was how to install SSL certificates in vCenter Server in order to replace the self-signed VMware ones.

I kind of realised that it would be far simpler just to refer everyone to the great articles written by Derek Seaman which I’ve used time and again! After all, why re-invent the wheel?!? I’ve read so many blogs out there where people have just re-worded Derek’s instructions….. plagiarism is so rife on the internet!

So here it is:

His blog post covers the whole process of replacing SSL certificates for vCenter Server components, and even goes into detail about how to create the correct Certificate Templates in a Microsoft CA (I’m assuming you know how to setup a Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services?? If not then visit Microsofts TechNet:

It’s a 15 part blog, with sub-blogs about setting up the correct CA template and generating CSRs, pre-staging SSL certs….. he’s even written a 4 part article on how to use the new VMware vCenter Certificate Automation Tool – which is VMware’s first stab at trying to tackle this complicated and tedious process (!


Anyways, I’m currently running through the process of deploy signed SSL certs for the latest update to vCenter Server (5.1 u1). Hopefully it’ll be painless like my past deployments! =)

I’m hoping to put together a post on changing SSL certs for Site Recovery Manager as this is usually the next VMware product that people tend to deploy with signed-certs…. and I’ve yet to discover a blog like Derek’s which covers the process is such clarity!

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