Has the idea of Cloud-computing & IT Outsourcing been affected by the demise of 2e2?

I always find it interesting that the demise of 2e2 has lead to numerous articles popping up in the channel websites (like The Reg) about the downfalls of outsourcing and the need to have a ‘backup plan’ in place if your supplier goes bust….. =)



I think we all have to agree that the collapse of 2e2 has affected how a lot of companies view cloud-computing and outsourcing….. where in the past many directors (C-board) were eager to offload their IT depts from their books, the whole fiasco of 2e2 and the real problem of accessing their data if something happens has really spooked the industry…..!

I can foresee that a lot of companies will now ensure there is an ‘exit-strategy’ in place before they dip their toes back into the cloud!

….. two steps forward, one step back for cloud in the UK!


On another note, VMware Forum 2013 was awesome! Learnt loads…… got loads of freebies (after all, that’s the real reason you go to expos right?!?)…. and caught up with loads of old mates! Roll on VMworld 2013!!!

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