Distrusting the Cloud (article from The Reg)


So a very interesting article on the Reg…… and in a way I have to agree with some of the points the author raises:

  1. The reality is, Cloud is here to stay! It’s been a buzzword for the past year or so but has only just started to get real traction in the industry as IT looks at the next stage after consolidation and virtualisation!
    I’m seeing a lot more clients wanting to learn about ‘The Cloud’ and how they can use it in their environment…. IMO, it’s no longer a terminology that clients and consultants can throw around to make themselves sound “knowledgeable”!
    In fact I can see that a lot of IT integrators, ISPs and consultants are really going to get found out if they keep babbling on about ‘Cloud’ without fully understanding the concepts and constructs of one (Let’s face it, there’s so much BS in the market at the moment! However, customers have started to get wise to it as more and more articles appear about Cloud Computing).
  2. Everyone is trying to sell ‘The Cloud’…. but everyone has a different idea of what ‘The Cloud’ is supposed to be! No two cloud service provider have the same offering! And that’s probably due in part to how wishy-washy the cloud standard is (and the different ways you can approach self service, orchestration and automation)!
  3. Every sales guy wants to sell a large cloud offering at the enterprise level, but in reality C-board members have been so badly ‘cloud-washed’ that it’s usually down to the IT director to determine whether they can push their IT into the cloud! I’ve yet to speak to anyone higher than an IT director about cloud! And more often than not the IT guy only wishes to put their test/dev into a cloud – and nothing else! (Afterall, IT admins are protective of their own little world….. the cloud is too big and fluffy for their liking!)
  4. Trust & Security…… This is a huge bugbear to IT administrators and CIOs!! With the recent revelations that the NSA and even GCHQ are snooping at online data, if you can’t explain the security of data in the cloud to your client, then you can pretty much kiss goodbye to any opportunities!! Security of a clients data on the cloud will become #1 priority over the next few months – if it’s not already!

To be honest, whilst Cloud is a fancy term that has been pandered around for ages, more and more people are looking at making it a reality within their business. But many are still put off by the reliability of the public cloud offerings (*cough* Amazon *cough*), or the ability to exit a cloud at short notice and pull data and services in house if required (*cough* Azure *cough*… and even when companies go tits up…. *cough* 2e2 *cough*).

I still have to agree with VMware’s view (from last year) where they were insisting any sort of Cloud adoption should first be a Private Cloud which allows the IT admins to still ‘hug’ their hardware! Plus it allows them to evaluate whether ‘The Cloud’ is really for them whilst still keeping control over their data.
IMO, a Public Cloud is still a step too far for clients to adopt as their entry to the cloud.


Edit Note: ……. Hmm…. after reading my blog post I’ve realised it’s quite a load of rambling nonsense…… ^_^”
Hopefully I’ve managed to get some of my points across. One of these days I really need to sit down and write a proper entry with industry references…… I blame the early Monday morning, the heatwave in UK, and my lack of coffee for my ramblings!

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