Auto-deploy… now that’s a function that I’ve barely used…. but many see it as the future of deploying a cloud infrastructure.
Obviously automation & orchestration is key to the cloud, so I’m not surprised that more and more articles are being written about auto-deployment.

Read an article in the Reg today that got me thinking about the need for me to start learning about using the auto-deployment functionality in VMware (for ESXi deployment) as well as other applications readily available on the market that will help deploy OS & apps….

Having briefly messed around with Puppet on a previous vCD project, I think this is a tool I’m seriously going to have to learn in order to automate the process of OS deployment. Looks like a very handy tool!

So “What is Puppet?” – Well it’s an automation software that helps you manage your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle – from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and reporting.
And whilst that may sound like VMware Configuration Manager, one of the big differences is it covers quite a large number of OSes (Windows, Linux and Mac) as well as physical, virtual and cloud constructs!

*sigh* Yet another piece of software to add to my vastly growing list of stuff to learn!!

(For more info about Puppet – download their learning VM:

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