vExpert 2016 Award Announcement

Have to say I'm honoured to be accepted once again as a VMware vExpert for 2016..... Whilst it's not an official certification or title, it's nice to be recognised by VMware as someone who contributes to the wider community.... and although I'm not a hugely active person on the VMware community forums (due to having … Continue reading vExpert 2016 Award Announcement

VMware Virtual SAN article

So I was asked to write another article for SearchVMware, and decided to write about Virtual SAN as it's an interesting concept which VMware have decided is one of 2 key focused products for 2016 (the other being NSX). Enjoy......

VMware vExpert 2015 Announced

Wow..... I'm actually pretty honoured to be accepted by VMware as a vExpert for 2015! I guess this means I will have to work extra hard to come up with interesting blog posts to justify my acceptance into such a niche group! I've dedicated quite a lot of effort into raising VMware's profile within … Continue reading VMware vExpert 2015 Announced