VMware Walk-throughs

So, some clever person at VMware has built some awesome walk-throughs of a few of the new features/products that were announced at VMworld 2013.


There’s a solid walk-through of VDP, showing step-by-step overviews of:

  • creating a backup job for a VM using web-client
  • restoring a VM using web-client
  • restoring a VM directly to a vSphere host (from the VDP appliance)
  • performing a file level restore
  • replicating VDP backup to EMC Avamar (a very useful walk-through!)

There are also additional overviews of App HA, vSphere Replication, vSphere Flash Read Cache and vSAN…

VMware had loads of ‘canned demos’ which I have used in the past to show clients demos of their products, but they were all on my laptop which I then had to lug around to every meeting… not to mention they always expired!!
I find this new walk-through website a far better option, not to mention it’s a far cleaner interface…. plus because it’s online, I can now leave my laptop at home! =)

Just need some walk-throughs of vCOPs….. =)

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