VMware vSphere 5.5 launched

Typical Sod’s law…..
I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on vSphere 5.5 ever since VMworld 2013 US – unfortunately I’m not one of the lucky ones who had Beta access or pre-launch access (like some of the more renown VMware bloggers) – and the week that I decide to head off on holiday to Northern Cyprus, VMware decide to release everything 5.5!!

I could say that I was having sleepless nights dreaming about installing all the goodness of the newly released products, but that would be lying…… instead I was enjoying the Sun, Sea and Sand! =)

I’ve already written about what was announced in VMworld 2013 and the new features in vSphere/vCloud 5.5, so won’t repeat myself….. have a look here if you missed that post:

Rather than regurgitate everything about vSphere 5.5 that every-man-and-his-blog has already done (whilst I was in Cyprus catching the sun), there’s a good blog by VMware which practically groups all the ‘need to know’ stuff in one handy webpage that I definitely recommend you bookmarking!


So as I complete this blog, I’m glad to say that all the new products have finished downloading….. let the fun begin! =)

I’ll leave you with one of my underwater pictures, goes to show there’s still plenty of fish in the sea! <groan>Image

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