Getting Network Adapter information using PowerCLI

So recently I was asked for a list of MAC addresses for all the VMs in my demo environment… Didn’t really want to do this manually by going into each VM and checking the hardware settings, so thought I’d see if I can find some PowerCLI commands that will do the job…… After a short dive into the PowerCLI reference guide I found the following commands worked:

Get-VM |
Get-NetworkAdapter |
Select-Object -property Parent, MacAddress
Format-List -Property *


Note: I’m assuming you know how to use the vSphere PowerCLI Interface….. if not, you’ll need to connect to the vCenter Server in PowerCLI before running the cmdlets above!

If you don’t use the Select-Object command, it will list every property field for each of the network adapters, as I only wanted the VM name and MAC address, those were the properties that I chose.

You can even output the info to a txt file by adding the > c:\xxx.txt after the Select-Object command line, or even output to a csx file (using | Export-csv c:\xxx.csv)

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