VMware Virtual SAN Ready Node – Certified server configs

Last month, VMware released a document which highlighted certain server configurations from its various OEM partners that are Virtual SAN ready. What this means is the server configurations have been tested and certified by VMware and the OEM partner for running Virtual SAN for several workloads.

All the big name server vendors are listed – Dell, HP, Cisco, Lenovo. Even the smaller vendors like Supermicro, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Huawei have got their boxes certified!
Notice that most of these guys are Qualified EVO:RAIL Partners (QEP)? =)

This is a great document if people are just looking for a server solution to run a virtual workload (say 100 VDI sessions or 50 VMs) using Virtual SAN as you can just use a single SKU code to order a certified box from the OEM Partner.

Click to access Virtual%20SAN%20Ready%20Nodes.pdf

This brings about another question – given that EVO:RAIL HCI Appliances seem to be so expensive, what’s stopping end users just deploying a 4-node Virtual SAN Ready Node and licensing accordingly? Pretty sure this will be a lot cheaper. Only issue is you don’t get the automated deployment provided by the really COOL EVO:RAIL Manager!

For a start, it will be a lot cheaper scaling out as you just purchase 1 server node, compared to a whole new EVO:RAIL Appliance!

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