The end of Flash MUST be nigh!!

Adobe has to either fix all the vulnerabilities with Flash or kill it off completely!!

Even Facebooks’ security chief is telling Adobe to kill off the product!

With all the recent security exploits with Flash, it comes as no surprised that Firefox now blocks Flash by default!

Chrome has already limited Flash playing in their browser, and Microsoft recommends that you disable it in IE and only allow certain trusted sites….

However, one of the BIG problems that now faces VMware customers is which browser can they use to manage their VMware environment with vSphere Web Client?

If you’re not aware, VMware wrote the Web Client to use Flash…. which was a huge mistake in my opinion! And now that browsers are dropping NPAPI and Flash support, how long till VMware realise their mistake and re-write the Web Client using HTML5?

Whilst there has been loads of enhancements to vSphere 6.0 Web Client, you can see from the comments on VMware’s blog announcement that the continuation of using Flash has not gone down well…..

Anyways, let’s see what Adobe does…..

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