VMware Marketing Error?!?

A work colleague of mind has just noticed that there seems to be less features listed under vSphere Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit than on the vanilla vSphere Enterprise Plus licenses……

I really didn’t notice and was aghast to see it was true:

Click to access VMware-vSphere-vSOM-Pricing-Whitepaper.pdf


I really hope this is a HUGE marketing error and not actually true! TBH, it looks like whoever put together the whitepaper has mistaken the old Enterprise AK for the Enterprise Plus AK…. and just changed the name…. lol….

Although if it is true a lot of people are going to be very annoyed! =)

2 thoughts on “VMware Marketing Error?!?

  1. The options from “Distributed Switch” to “vGPU” should also be selected for the Ent+ AK – the document version on vmware.com should be updated soon.

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