NSX 6.2.3 pulled by VMware

Hmm…. well that was unfortunate timing….. I’ve been penning the last blog post for the past 2 weeks after I downloaded 6.2.3 and played around with it…. and I didn’t really double check my blog post before publishing it.

Turns out there are quite a number of bugs in 6.2.3 which was causing loss of connectivity to VMs and also issues applying DFW rules using Security Groups…. so VMware pulled the distribution last Friday!

TBH, I didn’t really encounter any issues during my deployment – probably because it’s in a lab/demo environment with not much going on. =)

Anyways, 6.2.2 is the now the latest version available for download. Only issue is I don’t think it supports vShield Endpoint/NSX Guest Introspection….. so at present vCNS 5.5.x is still required!

More info on why 6.2.3 was pulled can be found here: http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/nsx/6.2.3/releasenotes_nsx_vsphere_623.html

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