In the beginning……

… was a man in his mid-thirties who decided (after much procrastination) to create a blog about his journeys and experiences with VMware and the virtual world….

There comes a time in a mans life when he ponders on what he should do next…… Most start their journey into a mid-life (crisis)…… Others just absorb themselves into their careers…….

And then there are the few who think that they know it all and want to tell the world….. so start a blog…….!

I, unfortunately, fall into all 3 categories…… someone who thinks they know it all (but doesn’t), works too hard to find a career direction (but gets lost) and ends up dealing with customer-induced crises at work!

So after much deliberation (and prompting from colleagues and friends), I’ve decided to blog my experiences with working with VMware and hope to at least blog about issues I’ve encountered, the solutions, and even great websites I’ve discovered along my way!

…… so here goes!

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