So having just touched down in London after spending a week on holiday in Lapland (and no, before you ask we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights…. boo), I get an email informing me that my company has entered Administration……


Great….. first Jessops, then HMV and Blockbusters…. Now 2e2…… ¬_¬”

Anyways, as I eagerly try to find out what is happening with my job and sift through the numerous emails, it looks as though this blog may go silent for a bit whilst I sort out my future….. shame as I had such plans for it!

Oh, and not to mention I’ve been called up for Jury Service next week – which I’m desperately trying to defer or get out of due to the inappropriate timing of my company’s announcement….. pah….

So as a parting gift…… here’s a picture of me with my new “deer”…. (sic)

img 055

(don’t worry… the wife approves of the relationship…… and if it all goes pear-shaped, then we could always have him for lunch!)

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