New Road Ahead…..

Been a bit silent on my blog recently due to the number of interviews I’ve been going to over the past 2 weeks…..

However, I’m thankful to say I’ve landed on my feet and will be starting a new role next Monday at MTI ( as a Technical Account Manager!



Looking forward to the new role as it’s going to give me the opportunity to fill in two LARGE holes in my knowledge – Storage & Networking!

Got a lot of learning to do in the up-coming months as they put me through training on EMC storage and also on Cisco Nexus…..

In addition, I get to brush up my Cisco UCS skills and continue honing my VMware skills! Result! =)


Now that my interviews are over (or cancelled in some cases….), need to decide whether to study for some HP exams I was due to take before 2e2 went under or focus on putting some content on this blog and getting it out to the VMware community! =)

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