A Non-geeky blog entry!

So it seems my life is surrounded by bloggers….. the wife blogs, all her siblings blog and my recent holiday to North Cyprus turned into a big instagram/blogging-fest!!

My wife and her siblings are all quite artistic…. and their blogs are full of colourful photos…. far better than the text heavy geek-speak on my blog! >_<“
In fact I doubt any of my in-laws have even read through my blog entries given that they have no real clue as to what I do for a living… “virtualisation… what’s that?!?”

Anyways, todays’ blog entry is just to point you all to the people in my life that made me start my blog…….. and I’ll think you’ll all agree that their blogs make far more interesting reading than a techie’s blog! =)

Wife’s baking & lifestyle blog – http://msqnt.wordpress.com/
(so now you know why I’m quite rotund! It’s hard not to drool while reading her blog!)

Kit’s Street-style fashion blog – http://www.styleslicker.com/
(I’m probably one of the rare geeks that knows his Anya Hindmarch’s from his Balenciaga’s from his Chloe’s…. I put that knowledge down to the couple of years spent doing admin and IT work at Matches – I would say that Kit’s quite famous in the UK fashion blogging scene!)

Ken’s lifestyle & travel blog of Korea – http://seoulstateofmind.com/
(my bro-in-law really likes his coffee and cafes!! Makes me want to go back to Korea on holiday again!)

May’s beauty & lifestyle blog – http://redvelvetlondon.com/
(like all her sisters, May has a penchant for nice clothes, bags and shoes! Suffice to say her beauty tips don’t work on me!)

Isabella’s jewellery blog – http://www.rockinthatgem.com/
Wish I knew she worked in jewellery before I bought the wife’s engagement ring……)


So there you have it….. I’m surrounded by exquisite bloggers who make my blog look so plain!! =)

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