VMworld 2013 Europe – Day 2 Round Up

So there are only 2 real things worth mentioning in todays’ round up (as I said yesterday, today and tomorrow are more tailored to what I want to learn)….. The General Session and the VMworld Party…. ;oP

1. This mornings’ General Session was delivered by Carl Eschenbach and focused on the key products within the VMware portfolio. He was duly joined on stage by Kit Colbert (Chief Architect and Principal Engineer) and Joe Baguley (EMEA CTO) for a technical demonstration. Each had a part in a role-play to recreate what would happen in a real life situation. Carl was a line-of-business end-user who had an application he wished to deploy, Kit was the IT Admin in charge of the Private Cloud infrastructure, Joe was the IT Admin in charge of monitoring and managing the Private Cloud infrastructure.

It was a really great demonstration of what the VMware products could actually do!
Giving an in-depth look at how each product worked…… they covered off NSX, vCAC, vSAN, vCOPs, vCHS……

It was amazing to see how all the products fit together and what they were capable of, but I kind of left the session wondering if it was a little too perfect! In reality, what was demo’ed would take a heck of a long time to put together in order to get it functioning like the ‘well-oiled’ machine it was! Not to mention from past experience, it doesn’t always go that smoothly or as planned! =)

Anyways, if you have an hour and a half to spare….. the general session is definitely worth watching!!

2. So the VMworld party was very good…. nice to see VMware putting on a very decent spread of food and drink, plus some entertainment to help the attendees unwind and socialise! Although I do have to say it’s a bit of a shame that it ended SO early (10:50pm).

Highlights were:
High on Heels

Mr. Doris

Roller Disco

And of course Mr Taio Cruz

TBH, I think maybe 70% of the attendees who were at the party didn’t know who Taio Cruz was! =P

All in all, a pretty good day…… albeit a very long one for me (6 sessions + key note)…. And let’s not forget I still have 5 sessions tomorrow too!! >_<“

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